They're here! They're here! Photo flash drives!

You may not know this about me, but besides photography, my big passion is design. Graphic design, web design, album design, product design, you name it.

My packages used to come with a beautiful custom DVD. Loaded with your photos and custom-branded with my logo and your information, it was lovely. Although it was time consuming, it always was so pretty and I loved handing it over to the client.

So when I decided to start offering my wedding clients their finished digital images on a flash drive (it's available to all clients for purchase), I knew I wanted that flash drive to be extra-special, just like the DVD, and reflect my brand and sense of design.

flash drive-1473.jpg

Especially since Apple has released the Macbook without a disc drive, it has made DVDs less useful. So that gorgeous customized disc of all your images, while I'm still offering it for now, will soon be obsolete like a floppy. The last thing I want is to come across outdated or better yet, give you something you can’t use in a couple of years. So I’ve made the switch!

Nonetheless, all digital storage can corrupt, so here's your friendly PSA to remember to back up the digital copies of your images to multiple platforms/copies/the Cloud/whatever so that they're safe and sound!

That awesome line drawing of me? Courtesy of the amazing Kian, boyfriend, second shooter, tech support and videographer extraordinaire!

The first of my clients to receive their wedding images via flash drive got their fantastic little box this weekend. I hope they're digging it as much as I am!

Aimee Custis