Snapshots from the #Nerdtrain

It's not exactly news: I'm a little bit of a nerd. So when my fellow smart growth and transportation nerd friends invited me to join the group flying to Los Angeles, and then taking Amtrak's Sunset Limited cross-country in roomette accommodations to New Orleans, of course I signed up to go! 

The others in our 10-person group arrived in LA a day before me, but I got in around 10:00am to LAX, and still had plenty of time to explore the city with them before we got on the train that night. 


One of our first stops was City Hall, which has a gorgeous observation deck for views of the city. The view from the bottom looking up isn't so bad, either. 


Grand Central Market is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. They have awesome signs. After lunch there, we took the Angels Flight incline rail line up the hill to Grand Plaza, which is very pretty in a stereotypically Los Angeles kind of way. 


At twilight, we headed over to Union Station to (not-so-patiently) wait to board the Sunset Limited. Los Angeles' Union Station is actually considered the "last of the great American train stations" because it was the last such grandiose station to be built. It's a GORGEOUS art deco structure. Boy, they don't build 'em like they used to. 


Once we actually got on board the train, we were in heaven! And the next morning, our adventure got picked up by the official Amtrak blog. (Here's a link to the blog post, since I can't seem to embed it here.)


Lots of pretty views, including the sunsets for which the Sunset Limited is named. When we got bored, we played board games. (Yeah, yeah, supposed to enjoy the scenery, I know. You do nothing but enjoy the scenery for 2 days and let me know how that goes for you!)  We also found ourselves strangely obsessed with #Amtrakcoffee. 


We had an amazing time in New Orleans as well, but most of that, I'll save for another time.

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