After Burlesque

After we shot Carolina + Rich's wedding a few weeks back, Kian and I headed to a show called "Pasties and Popcorn" - a collection of short films interspersed with live burlesque acts. It was a lot of fun, and an artistically-overloaded day. 

So when we got home that night, what did I want to do walking through the alley from the street back to our apartment? Take pictures, of course. Why? Because I am a mad woman.


You see, for reasons passing understanding, I have been obsessed with how the street light bounces off the white brick wall at night ever since I moved into our place. We had cameras, we were in photography mode, so we threw down our bags and took a few shots. I kind of really love how they came out, and the texture of the wall.  I think we should go back to this alley with models, soon.