Three girls walk onto a set...

Sadly, I don't think any of us qualified as blondes or redheads - all brunettes here. Katie needed headshots and I needed models to experiment with studio lighting on, so on a recent Sunday afternoon, we turned the apartment into a set and got down to (funny) business.  


Brittany (mutual friend and budding photo nerd) and Kian joined us for our afternoon of silliness. In Katie's own words, "Thanks you guys! Aimee Custis and Kian McKellar get photo credit and  Hope Tellis Owens gets hair and makeup credit and Brittany Beth was most likely making me laugh at this exact moment."

Katie did plenty of making Brittany laugh, too, with her awesome improv class exercises. 

 "Serious, professional" headshots aside, we had way. too. much. fun.



Thanks to Katie, Brittany, and Kian. Curious to see the rest of the shoot? The full album of finished photos is here.