Penguin Climb! at Sportrock Alexandria

Sometimes people just want to look fancy. On Tuesday, Sportrock Alexandria offered a chance to do just that with their sixth annual Penguin Climb on April 15. At the event, both ladies and gentlemen are encouraged to dig deep through their closets to find their “best” formal wear to come climb.

Who says that prom dresses can only be worn once? Though after climbing in it, there is a chance that dress may never be worn again. Though, this year, it’s been re-branded as Tux Day, in honor of 1040s everywhere. 

See (and share!) all 60+ photos in this Facebook gallery .

Author's note: I inadvertently borrowed some text from this terrific write-up of the event by the great folks at Northern Virginia Magazine. No harm was meant, and I hope you'll check out their original story (and great coverage of all sorts of things in NOVA) here.

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