Namaste from India \\ We're on vacation through March 3

I am incredibly fortunate to be writing right now from the gorgeous Le Meridien in Delhi, India. For the next 14 days, Kian and I will be taking a much-needed break and touring India (and Kathmandu, Nepal!) on vacation with his family.

The tuk-tuk the other half of the family rode in, snapped from the back of our own, at one of Delhi's rare traffic lights.

Last night once we were settled in at the hotel, we hopped into tuk-tuks (think motorized pedi-cabs) and zoomed off to dinner. It was mildly terrifying, oddly beautiful, and strangely exhilarating, all at once.

We'll be traveling through March 3, so if you're reaching out to me about a booking while I'm gone, my response times will vary... but I promise to respond as soon as I'm able!

Namaste from India,

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