Snowy winter farm maternity session: Lauren + Ryan

Lauren + Ryan are the most picture-perfect couple, and this session was something extra-special! I was delighted when Lauren reached out to ask about photos since they're expecting later this spring. These two charmers tied the knot at the Montgomery County Agricultural History Farm, and wanted to circle back to it to document this next big step in their life together.

I was terrified that it was going to be windy and freezing, but it was actually a lovely combination of calm winds and brisk temperatures keeping just enough snow on the ground to look lovely! As we made our way around the main barn, something happened that was a first for me. Since it's a working farm, there are goats on the property -- and they started hamming it up, photobombing our session! When at a farm, take some pictures with goats! So it goes!

Goat photo-bomb!!

Goat photo-bomb!!

Goats weren't the only friendly animals dying to crash our session... we met this lovely, super-friendly feline along the way.

Then we drove down the road to take advantage of the fields and fence. Don't these two look like something out of Field & Stream Monthly or something? I just can't even... and I can't wait to meet their little one!

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