Spring DC engagement session at the Key Bridge: Laura + Max

Have you ever met someone who its seems impossible you don't already know? Enter Max, who's a fellow Tulane alum. His fiance, Laura, connected with me through Jessica, a past client and shared friend, but it wasn't until I posted a Facebook preview of their session that I realized we have 27 mutual friends! 

We lucked out and for the engagement on Saturday, had the first truly lovely day of spring.

Meeting in Georgetown, I saw a lovely woman walking down the street in a pretty dress... and PURPLE. SEQUINED. UGGS. Holy cow! I immediately started hoping the woman was Laura, and she was! She had shoes in her bag to match the dress, but I was so bamboozled by the purple boots that I just had to work them into the shoot. When Laura did a wardrobe change halfway through the shoot, she obliged me. 

Purple sequined boots plus and amazingly unconventional graffiti'ed spot equalled some pretty rad photos, wouldn't you say? And I'm so glad to know Max + Laura, since according to Facebook, it's a miracle I didn't know them already.