Trains & Canals: Amsterdam

Our trip to Amsterdam started out with an overnight train ride. Close friends know I'm a bit of a train nerd, and that I'm missing this year's trek by rail across the US because I used up all of my vacation time going to Europe. So I was super-excited to take first class sleeper accommodations from Copenhagen to Amsterdam... ah, if only that had actually worked out.

To make a long story short, unfortunately, the week before our trip there had been heavy rainstorms in Germany, and our first class cars were stuck somewhere else due to flooding. Apparently, we were "very lucky" to be able to get to Amsterdam at all... but I'll let you be the judge. After being shoved into second class accommodations (no showers, no breakfast, shared with 4 other people), we rolled into... Frankfurt, Germany at 7:30am, and then had to take an ICE train back to Amsterdam. But all's well that ends well, and I got some beautiful photos of the German countryside that we otherwise wouldn't have seen.

Every vacation has its low point, and arriving in Amsterdam was probably ours, but luckily once we'd gotten settled in at our hostel and I'd gotten a nap and a shower, I looked upon the Netherlands with a much kinder eye. We arrived just in time for the country's first match in the World Cup, and orange flags and soccer balls were everywhere.

Amsterdam was a bit chilly for my taste and most of what I'd packed, but my wonderful new open-knit Ann Taylor sweater was perfect. I can't wait to get a chance to wear it here at home, maybe at a beach bonfire before the summer is out?

Our last night in Amsterdam, it began to rain, but not before we took a walk down the street/canal in front of our hostel and took some beautiful photos. These are my favorites!

If you missed the first post in my "Aimee goes to Europe" blog series, be sure to check out part I - Copenhagen.  Part III - Paris is coming soon!

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