Home sweet home! We're back from our wonderful two weeks in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Paris! I'm so excited to share the first of the pictures from our trip with all of the wonderful friends, family, and clients who wished us well on our trip.

First up, my first transatlantic flight! That's right, this was my first trip abroad. I've been lucky enough to travel extensively through the US, but this was my first chance to use my shiny new passport! I was a little bit nervous about the flight because I don't travel particularly well, but as it turns out (and my friends on Facebook were amused by my surprise), transatlantic flight hasn't hit the rock bottom that domestic air travel has. Yay!

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The spindly tower on the Danish parliament building

When we arrived at the airport, we took the train to Copenhagen Central Station. This adorable cafe was right outside.

Copenhagen was gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Bright and airy, and the charming apartment we rented was lovely. We were staying in a building built in the 1600s! But it was beautifully renovated inside, and on a quiet little street with a gelato shop down the block, but still just blocks from the trendy meatpacking district. To be honest, it reminded me a little bit of Dupont Circle here at home! Except, more bikes. Bikes everywhere! It was wonderful. 

Cars, bikes, and pedestrians all get along. And hanging streetlamps!


Our first full day in Copenhagen, we walked and walked, and walked some more. Before we knew it, we'd ended up in Nyhavn, Copenhagen's picturesque canal district. Being total tourists, we hopped on a tour boat... a trend we would continue in every city we visited. So far? Copenhagen has the best tour boats. 

Our boat tour was motorized. But the paddles looked like a lot of fun!

Our second night in Copenhagen, we walked the 12 minutes over from our apartment to Tivoli, which was probably my favorite part of Copenhagen (and that's saying a lot!) So colorful, so cheerful, so fun.

Twinkly lights over the arcade at Tivoli.

Twinkly lights over the arcade at Tivoli.

Tivoli's main entrance at sunset. Well, kind of sunset. Sunset is at 11:00pm this time of year in Copenhagen.

And on our last night in the neighborhood, we had dinner and went to the park. Everything just seemed... beautiful. I'm so grateful to have shared 3 days in Copenhagen with Kian!

Kian caught me taking his picture!

Yes, that does look like a castle tower. Yes, it was one block from our apartment.

A block from "home". Copenhagen is stunning.

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