Vintage rock'n'roll bride + kilted groom = epic Yorktown Virginia wedding photography

Kian has the most fun friends ever. For our last wedding of the season, we turned the tables -- I was second shooting for him at his best friend's little sister's wedding. Such a different experience for Type-A-photographer me! I got to step back, focus on the fun details, photograph the guys, and generally hang out (all while still taking tons of photos, of course).

Kelly, the bride, is a close friend and former roommate of Kian's in her own right, and holy cow. This. Girl. Has. Style. Not only did she rock cat-eye glasses, a bouffant, and seamed stockings on her wedding day, but a gorgeous tea-length dress and the most amazing blue silk shoes ever. (Which she proudly told us she got on Ebay for $10. Amazing!)

Kelly also had the most gorgeous details -- a handmade belt and hairpiece -- by Creative Inspirations and Designs by Joyce. If you live in Virginia and are looking for bridal details, look her up. It was the perfect complement!

Kelly's mom surprised her while the girls were getting ready with this charming bouquet charm of her dad, so that she'd have a little piece of him walking down the aisle. We all got a little teary!

Keeping with the vintage feel, Kelly saved up and squirreled away some actual vintage Polaroid film and cameras, and we took tons of Polaroids throughout the day and night (and also some Fujifilm Instax of Kian's, which was particularly adorable when Kelly put it around her neck later in the reception.)

Most lovely bridesmaids ever! These four ladies knew how to rock it, even in the only chilly (okay, FRIGID) weekend we'd had all season. We ran outside for bridemaids portraits individually so only one girl had to be outside at a time. And then when we went to take group pictures, one of the girls surrendered her (perfectly-coordinated!) periwinkle sweater to Kelly -- and girl went from 10 to 11 on the adorable-vintage-bride scale.

Kelly was ROCKING her vintage rock-and-roll bride look, but when we went to photograph the men (something I NEVER GET TO DO!! It was awesome!), the groom, Tree (his last name is Crabtree -- hence the nickname) was ROCKING a kilt. Seriously, THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING.

The groomsmen may not have been wearing kilts, but they DID all have matching tartan ties, and their (handmade DIY) boutonnieres incorporated buttons that Kelly and her family have been collecting for years. Each one was unique and amazing. 

The ceremony and reception were both in the Yorktown Freight Shed, a charming little venue right along the waterfront in Yorktown. Had it been warmer, the ceremony would've been on the patio outside, but with the gusty winds and chill, I think inside was totally the right decision!

Kelly swore up and down that she was so giddy that she didn't feel the cold while we took advantage of the last of the sunset, but if I was cold in my tights and jacket, Kelly and Tree must have been FREEZING! You'd never know it from their photos, though!

Once again, Kelly was a DIY QUEEN when it came to details. All of the centerpieces were handmade paper flowers and lanterns. Plus (surprise surprise!) the Polaroids made an appearance once all of the guests' placecards were taken. Adorable reuse for the win!

All in all, I couldn't be happier for this adorable, rock-star couple. Kelly and Tree, I hope you had as much fun as it seemed you did, because if so, this was the most fun wedding I've been to this year!

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