Virtual tour: My new studio apartment! | personal

Fall is always incredibly busy, but this fall is taking things to a new level! Those of you who know me personally know that I moved into a new apartment in mid-September. It's a delightful, sunny little studio in my same building in Dupont Circle in downtown Washington DC.  For the past month or so, in addition to everything else going on, I've been settling in!

Living in a beautiful place is really important to me (it helps me feel settled). And I know it's always so much fun to sneak a peek into other peoples' homes (see also: my addiction to Now that it's done, I'm proud to share my new little home!

My living room space! I was really excited to be able to keep my full-sized sofa. It's the Corona sofa from Macy's, and it's held up pretty well over the years. It's long enough for a tall gal like me to be comfortable on, and the clean Mid-Century style lines and slate gray color help it fit any space and style. The triangle pillow and blue plaid wool blanket are from West Elm. The other two throw pillows and hanging light fixture are Ikea. The baskets (left) are from Amazon.

My apartment is on the 6th floor and south-facing on Massachusetts Avenue, meaning that even though I wish the window were a little bigger (my old place had a wrap-around window), it gets great light and overall, I'm really lucky! The white walls are a great off-white and really help keep things bright and airy. 

My entertainment center (Ikea) stores not only my wine collection, but also my photography business supplies (cleaning kit, packaging supplies, etc.) nicely out of sight. I love my new bookcase (also Ikea)! I'd originally hoped for a slightly bigger one, but this one is perfect for the space, and a lovely space for a few plants, my pretty books, and my awesome vintage film camera (a birthday gift!).

The Hillary Clinton poster is one I've had for several years; Kian gifted it to me when one of the organizations he worked for found a stash in the basement after the 2008 election cycle. Regardless of this election cycle, the poster is awesome art, and Hillary is a personal role model for me of strong women who kick ___! 

In my open closet, I have a tall mirror (a steal I found on clearance at Target!), and a rack for all of my statement necklaces, made out of wine corks.

The apartment came with a murphy bed included, which is great! I wish the bed were a true built-in, as I don't love the aesthetics, but it's a really nice feature for those dinner parties I hope to have. Put the bed up, and fold out my well-loved gateleg dining table to full size for a party of 6-8! But most of the time, having the table folded out to half-size is perfect for dinner with a friend, or little home projects.

You guys, MY KITCHEN IS FANCY! A brand-new stainless steel range, and granite countertops! It's been so long since I've had a nice kitchen like this! The fridge, not pictured, is directly opposite the stove. Yes, the kitchen is small, but it's far from the smallest I've had.  Plus, a kitchen with room only for one plays into the fact that I am queen of the kitchen, and don't like sharing kitchen space, even at dinner parties.  And the 99% of the time that it's just me at my place, it's perfect. I have room for everything I need!

The gold mirror above my bed was, in a former life, the black mirror that hung above my desk. But a quick trip outside with a can of spray paint, and it's a whole new piece! The headboard is one I found on, then found for cheaper (with free overnight shipping) on Amazon! And the cafe lights are a nice solution to me needing more light directly over my bed (the murphy bed lights don't work.) They're easy to take down and put up for when I want to fold up the murphy bed.

The Dupont fountain print is one of my favorite photos of the circle (Kian took it, and I edited it into this version). Rounding out the wall is one of my favorite photos from my college best friend Eric's wedding (in a fancy oversized frame from CB2). 

My foyer space is so small, that when it was plain white, it kind of just became lost space. So I wanted to do a landlord-friendly intervention that would have a big impact!  The wall treatment is actually removable vinyl decals that I bought on Amazon. They cost me ~$30 total. My landlord was nice enough to let me paint the door (the color is Clark + Kensington Ladybug Red) as long as I paint it back when I eventually move out. And the shark print is a hilarious souvenir from a visit to Boston for a work trip years ago -- it reads, "I eat pirates!"

Is it hard, you ask, squeezing my life, belongings, and photography business into a 400' studio? Not really. It requires being a little thoughtful about my belongings from time to time, but for me, the choice between a beautiful, sunny studio in a prime location or a bigger place that I have to share in a less-awesome spot is a no-brainer.