Cheerful National Building Museum + Gravelly Point engagement session | Jasmine + Graham

Jasmine is a ball of amazing energy and awesomeness. She's a super talented writer and blogger. In person, her laugh is infectious, and she's well spoken, poised, and gracious. The moment you meet her, you're like, "yep, Graham, you picked a good one." Graham is another of my urbanist-friends-turned-clients -- a huge transit advocate here in DC, and someone I've come to respect a great deal! When he told me he'd proposed to Jasmine and that they were hoping I could do some engagement photos for them, I was thrilled!

We decided on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, pending everyone making it back to DC from our holiday travels on time. We did, but then the weather dawned raw and foggy. But the show went on, and we had a terrific time at the National Building Museum, before heading to Gravelly Point to brave the elements for some super-pretty red fall foliage. Just seeing these two together makes me smile so much!