Personal creative | Hipster-inspired vintage portraits

There's a saying that "October is for wedding photographers what April is for accountants." That's no joke!! I've had an amazing whirlwind fall of the most amazing couples -- and I feel truly blessed. I have the best job!! But it does take a bit of a toll, and that's why it's so important to keep pushing myself creatively to do new, better, different things with my photography. Kian is a master at "personal projects," and last night, he planned a (his words, not mine) "hipster-inspired" just-for-fun photoshoot with our friend Morri. 

Holy cow, the camera loves this girl!! (So do I!) Future brides: if any of you want to pair your gorgeous white dress with a moto jacket and some killer glasses, count me in. I am so there.  I absolutely adore weddings and couples, and you couldn't tear me away from shooting weddings for anything, but I sure had a lot of fun last night. What do you think of these out-of-my-normal-spectrum portraits?