Holiday gift guide: Ideas from 3 creative entrepreneurs I love

Okay, now that I'm a grownup this always happens, but holy cow, where-did-fall-go-and-how-is-it-already-basically-the-holiday-season?! This week, the Rising Tide Society (I'll blog about this amazing group someday soon, I swear!) released its holiday gift guide of items from makers + artisans who are part of the group. That got me thinking, what small, creative businesses do I want to lift up this season with my gifting purchases?


1. Stitch and Rivet: handmade bags + accessories

Katie Stack, the fabulous bosslady behind Stitch and Rivet, creates awesome, made-to-last bags and other leather (and not-leather) goods out of her brick-and-mortar shop at DC's Monroe Street Market in Brookland.  I love visiting the shop in person, but you can also purchase her goods, from keychains to totes, in her online store.


2. Analog: handmade paper goods + curated vintage

Confession: Melissa, the paper lady at Analog, is married to my amazing friend Dan. But even if she weren't, I'd still be obsessed with her stationery. Analog is a neighbor to Stitch and Rivet at the Monroe Street Market, and if you're a sucker for vintage and are local to DC, it's a must-visit in person. But you can buy the amazing paper goods (so frame-worthy!) online, too. Here's Melissa being awesome. I'm glad they got their kitchen table back... maybe someday I'll get mine, too!


3. Jon Wye: graphic t-shirts, belts, camera straps + wallets

Jon's belts, shirts, and wallets are amazing quality -- but more than that, he's made them a canvas for an amazing collection of artists to create one-of-a-kind designs. So John's work isn't just his in a real sense -- it's the artists' as well. But almost everything is made in John's workshop here in DC, and it's awesome. So go buy cool stuff. You'll be so glad you did. Oh, and did I mention, he makes camera straps too?

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Oh, and PS -- did you love the videos of Melissa and Katie as much as I do? My amazing filmmaker other half, Kian, made them. If you need someone to make an amazing short film about you + your creative enterprises, look up Key In Films. You won't be sorry.

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