Why you should make room for an album in your wedding photography budget | helpful hints series

When my wedding day comes, I want an album. I want the physical experience for the rest of my life of paging through photos that evoke every feeling, moment, taste, and smell of that day. 

I want you to have that too. 

I want you to have a physical reminder of this day, as a ritual of life and a symbol of marriage.

I know, professional wedding albums are expensive, and you're already stretching your budget as it is to make the most of your day. I know. You have to weigh so many things for your wedding day, and prioritize.

You could budget for an album, or invite 5 more guests. You could budget for an album, or have better dinner options on your wedding day. You could budget for an album, or...

Your wedding album isn't about your wedding day. It's about remembering it every day AFTER that for the rest of your life. 

If prioritizing budget for an album just isn't in the cards for you, add it to your registry. Request it as a wedding gift. Ask me about paying in installments over time.

If it's the absolute only way for you to have a wedding album, then by all means, please make a DIY album for yourself. I want you to have an album that badly. 

Hard experience tells me most of my couples who decide to make their own album just never get around to it. They get caught up in the swing of life after the wedding day, and it just never happens. They don't know where to begin. It's too hard. Choosing the photos feels like work. They get overwhelmed. They just keep putting it off. Years go by. (Just ask my friend Abigail.)

If instead, you can budget, or register for, or find a way to request an album as a gift, all of that responsibility is mine to shoulder.

When it comes to design, my team will hand-design a layout that highlights the visual story of your day, from getting ready, to saying "I do", to cutting the cake and dancing all night long. More than that, it's your choice in how involved you want to be in the design process.

You can choose favorite images to include, make design edits, and hand-pick an album cover. Or you can leave it to me, and just review the final design before we send it for printing at the bindery. The choice is yours, and one you don't have to make until after the wedding.

From dozens of wedding album binderies, I've reviewed, researched, and chosen two album options that balance heirloom quality that will last a lifetime with a cost that doesn't have to break the bank. 

My albums have hand-sewn bindings and archival-quality photo papers that will last decades and beyond. I hand-check each one to make sure it's perfect before delivering it - no faulty binding, poor printing, or weird color.

You're trusting me to capture your memories in photos. Please don't just shove those memories on a hard drive to gather dust. I want you to regularly revisit those memories for years to come, and I would be delighted to publish them in an album that will make it a joy.

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