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Charming Bavarian Inn wedding in Shepherdstown | Washington DC wedding photography

Get out of town! Head west! That's the lesson I (re)learned from Dan and Tom at their gorgeous, sunny wedding at the Barvarian Inn in Shepherdstown, WV! A little under two hours from downtown DC, Shepherdstown is a charming college town, and Dan and Tom (and their family and friends!) had gorgeous mountain views, a charming historic downtown to stroll, and a wonderful, cozy resort-style experience at the Barvarian Inn. I didn't stay the night after the wedding, but once I saw the views and the pool, I sure wish I had! 

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Chris + Cody's cherry blossom wedding at St. Regis Hotel

Band camp nerd meets Model UN nerd. They fall in love. And is it any wonder? Chris attended Navy Officer Candidate School before finding himself coordinating the humanitarian relief effort aboard an aircraft carrier floating off the coast of Haiti, and then eventually leaving sailor life behind for an assignment at the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Cody studied political science and health policy, and today directs communications at an HIV/AIDS organization. You have never met two such well-matched, caring, world-changing... nerds. On their first date (a birthday brunch), they shared a koi pond, a trampoline, and Game of Thrones. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Cody + Chris' relaxed Union Market DC engagement session

It is about darn time I shared this amazing engagement session! Regular readers (love you guys!) have probably noticed a long silence on my blog over the past few months... that's because it's been a crazy few months! And believe it or not, sometimes blogging just isn't the most important thing... getting clients' galleries edited and delivered, or spending time with my loved ones is more important. But today I'm back! (And more soon, I promise!) Cody and Chris are amazing, they have the sweetest greyhound ever, and I can't WAIT for their wedding this March! The afternoon we spent at Union Market the weekend of Crafty Bastards was a gorgeous, sunny fall afternoon. Enjoy!

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Brigid + Cara's cheerful spring Barns at Wolf Trap wedding

Hold on to your socks, because this is a great wedding that I am so excited to share. Brigid + Cara are kind, funny, caring, down-to-earth, and generally delightful human beings. I'm so proud to have been a part of their big day! They met through a mutual friend (Anya -- one of their bridesmaids), and when you meet them, you can see instantly why Anya through to introduce them. They're simply perfect for each other! 

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Dupont Circle + Bishops Garden engagement | Brigid + Cara

This beautiful Saturday, a chill was in the air, but even more... love was in the air! I was delighted this past spring when Brigid contacted me from Orange County to say that she and Cara (who's from the DC area) were getting married in DC next spring, and would I be their wedding photographer? Heck yes!!

Cara + Brigid took a "wedding planning" vacation, traveling to DC a few weeks ago, and we decided on two locations that both had meaning to these amazing women! Cara spent a lot of time with her family at the Bishop's Garden at Washington National Cathedral growing up, so we started there. The garden is quickly becoming one of my very favorite spots!

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