wedding photographers with best reviews washington DC



"Aimee's professionalism coupled with her friendly nature put each of our wedding guests at ease. She has a knack for capturing people in candid shots and some of my favorites are the quiet moments that she found throughout the day."

laura + matt



"We felt like we had known Aimee forever. During a break we sat around eating cupcakes and chatting and I kept forgetting I had just met her that afternoon! That's how effortlessly kind Aimee is."

chelsea + zack
wedding photographers with great reviews washington DC
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"Aimee made sure that we looked our best in front of her camera.  She's a master boutonniere putter-onner and she always made sure that my wife Brigid had her wedding dress placed just right."

cara + brigid



"Aimee clearly loves what she does and engaging with her clients and I think that is very much reflected in her work."

hilary + luke
wedding photographers with best reviews washington DC
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"Aimee is so outgoing, fun, and used to be a camp counselor so she knows how to get large groups of people in order which was great with our large families."

megan + mike



"Aimee, you did an absolutely lovely job. I can't tell you how happy we are... My mother has been stalking your blog to see the rest of the photos for 3 days. She emailed me this morning that she thought you did an amazing job capturing our personalities."

jessica + lewis
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wedding photographers with best reviews washington DC



"We were so thankful to Aimee for being patient with us and coaching us. She was fantastic, and the shots show it! We're already getting requests about who our photographer was."

mike + rachel



"Last, but not at all least, Aimee was a friendly, calming presence on our wedding day. When you think of hiring a wedding photographer, you never imagine that she will be the person you turn to in mild panic when you realize you have no idea how to cut the cake. For the record, Aimee cheerfully replied something to the effect of, 'Couples never know how to cut the cake! Just go for it, and it'll be great!' She was right."

allie + elliot
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